Why Local Elections Moved

As the Coronavirus continues to bear down on our area, local elections in May have been moved to November. That is news most folks have heard. However, Klint Bush - Liberty County Elections Administrator - a recent Party Line guest said local leaders were not the ones who moved the elections. Texas Governor Greg Abbot ordered the postponement of the May city and School Board Elections. Then Klint Bush’s office was required to notify each voting precinct in Liberty Co. that his office would not be able to support the local elections in May. Klint Bush said with the social distancing rules in place now because of the Coronavirus it was not a good idea to ask the public to come to one location to vote and possibly spread the virus. Staffing for the elections would have also been difficult. Mr. Bush said most of the workers are older and fall into a high risk category of contracting the Coronavirus.  

Again, the May local elections were moved from May to November to run with the general elections due to the threat of Coronavirus. Liberty Co.Elections Administrator Klint Bush said this was not an attempt by local leaders to hold on to power a little longer. 

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